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BDMM onset time dependence.

The curriculum is assembled from intensive advanced level courses on the theoretical aspects of selected disciplines and special seminar series on problems in a narrower field of science. In the first two semesters emphasis is on theory and basic laboratory or field practice.

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The third and the fourth semesters are devoted to research and preparation of thesis. The training medium is English so students can gain a better command of the academic English in different fields of biology.

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Strength of program The Institute of Biology consists of 12 departments and so it gives one of the most differentiated education in our country. This also results in broadly-based sub-programs hypertension drugs classification ppt generates knowledge which is interdisciplinary a bit. Besides teaching, there is an international level research work at each department, which gives possibility for students to learn the most important methods in different research fields of biology.

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During their thesis work, M. Students have their own research project, which they work on under the supervision of a project leader. Project leaders usually also act as tutors, who are responsible for the progress of the students and for giving advice in assembling a personal curriculum for them.

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During their studies, students can participate in different university and country level competitions where they can practice presentation of their research achievements in a conference setting.

The subject matter and application of bioinformatics.

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Genome projects. The overview of the most frequent bioinformatics methods, tools, programme packages in molecular biology.

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Internet basics: e-mail, telnet, ssh, ftp, www. Bioinformatics on the web. Primary sequence databases.

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Complex "non-redundant" protein sequence databases. Sequence database formats.

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Secondary, derivative protein sequence databases.