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One segment of The Powerpuff Girls Rule also counts. There's also one episode of the old Gundam OVA series. South Park even gets in the act in the episode "Handicar. The Time Bokan : Royal Revival OVA pitted its series' hypnotics wake park against one another for the ultimate prize of starring in the next series of the franchise.

All Balloons Have Helium : In the "The Great Cold Rush Race", Dastardly inflated an inflatable version of the Mean Machine from inside it to overtake the other cars into first place, but it backfired when Muttley tapped him on the back, inflating Dastardly.

In "Whizzin' to Washington", Dastardly uses his breath to inflate a giant balloon hoping to send the other cars away by popping it. The balloon floats while Dastardly is inflating it, allowing the cars to hypnotics wake park.

hypnotics wake park

All-Stereotype Cast : Features a couple of stereotypical cavemen, a Red Baron expy, a couple of army stereotypes, a mob of stereotypical gangsters, a supergenius scientist inventor, a lazy hillbilly with a pet bear, a stereotype lumberjack with a pet beaver, The Chick who hypnotics wake park a Girly Girl hypnotics wake park with her looks, and a Dastardly Whiplash -style villain.

There's also a racer whose main trait is being a racer, who serves as this cast's "Normal Guy". The Alleged Car : Ironically, Peter Perfect's Turbo Terrific is possibly the most fragile of the racecars, seeing as it falls in a heap at the slightest provocation.

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Alliterative Name : Almost everyone and everything has a name that's an alliteration. Angrish : Muttley tends to grumble incoherently after being at the receiving end of a Dastardly Dope Slap. Artistic License – Biology : Muttley has been shown to eat chocolate at least twice on the show.

In reality, he would have died between races chocolate contains a chemical that's poisonous to dogs. Badass Mustache : Dick Dastardly vese hipertónia mechanizmusa a nice mustache.

hypnotics wake park

Balloonacy : It happens to Dick Dastardly in at least two occasions including his own breath instead of helium. One was intentional and the other wasn't. The Slag Brothers' Bouldermobile is basically a rock on wheels that manages to function the same way as an ordinary car. Luke drives in the Arkansas Chug-A-Bug, which uses a stove as its power source.


Rufus Ruffcut's Buzzwagon is completely made of wood with buzzsaws for wheels. Becoming the Genie : At the end of "The Dipsy Doodle Desert Derby", Dick Dastardly's genie hypnotics wake park at his latest misfortune and Dastardly says he'd teach the genie to laff if they switched places.

The genie then switches places with Dastardly.

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Behind a Stick : In "Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock", there is a scene where Dastardly and Muttley hide behind a cactus that is much thinner than both of them. The Big Race : True to the show's title, the series is always about the characters competing in races. Berserker Tears : Dick Dastardly sobs like a madman at the end of "Race Rally to Raleigh": Dastardly: pissed after losing another race Oh, who wanted to win this old race, anyway?

hypnotics wake park

He repeats this exact same line in the ending of the Hypnotics wake park Races game twice: first once you win using the Mean Machine in the Dick's Revenge Championship, and then again in the outro movie.

Penelope is blinded so severely by the flash that she has to stop driving momentarily. Broken Aesop : The infamous ending to the episode "Creepy Trip to Lemon Twist" is this, since it attempts to uphold the show's aesop of "Dick Dastardly never wins, because he cheats" by The short explanation is that Dick Dastardly wins the race by driving ahead first, but then the judges demand a replay.

hypnotics wake park

In the replay footage, Dick Dastardly is instead shown in the 4th place and extending his nosecone out with a collapsible spring to cross over the finish line first, which the judges rule is worthy of disqualification. The problem hypnotics wake park, it's not a Dastardly-exclusive trick; Peter Perfect uses the length of his Turbo Terrific to score on several occasions, and Rufus Ruffcut actually won the race in one episode by extending his neck so as to cross the line with his head first.

As the judges didn't have any problem with Peter or Rufus on those occasions, it just comes off as blatant bias against Dick Dastardly.

Dick did have an Oh, Crap! Then after Penelope Pitstop was ruled the winner, Dick cursed being disqualified and it shows the nose of his car extended. So chalk up the "live" finish as a case of Lazy Hypnotics wake park.

Нашей Галактике странствовал по просторам космоса еще до того момента, пока колонисты не поймут, что война сулит им только несчастье.

Catchphrase : "Drat and hypnotics wake park drat! The Latin American Spanish dub has "¡Caracoles! Chronic Backstabbing Disorder : Muttley, most notably in "Race to Racine", where he's supposed to sabotage the Ant Hill Mob from within, but ends up sabotaging Dastardly.

Cheaters Never Prosper : Played with. Almost everyone on the show cheats to some extent.

hypnotics wake park

However, Dastardly, who is outright malicious about it and deliberately tries to sabotage the other racers, does not prosper. Afterward, Dick Dastardly assumes the character of a circus ringmaster and has the mob perform a dangerous high dive.

In the Gold Key issues, the cars are shown running from left to right, whereas they go right to left on the TV show.


Also, a running gag on some stories loosely adapted from TV episodes has Penelope Pitstop managing to eliminate Peter Perfect and Red Max by getting them to fight over her. Peter's car in the Gold Key series was called the Varoom Roadster its working name and the Ant Hill Mob's car was the Roaring Plenty identified in the show as such once. The issue's second story—"Free Wheeling To Wheeling"—was an original story even though "Wheeling" was a TV episode with a different storyline.

Similarly, "Raleigh" was a TV episode with a different storyline as well. The second story was an original, "Follow Through to Yoo-Hoo.

DREAMO Demo letöltése

Or Bust! Penelope wins by using a giant powder puff to push Dastardly out of the way. Hanna-Barbera Fun-In 5 featured a one-pager of Dastardly winning a race. He pushes the out-of-gas Mean Machine across the finish line after Muttley bails on him.

hypnotics wake park